marți, 21 august 2012

4th Dimension...Moreni

One Love Awakening Festival 2012 took place on forest Moreni 17.09 in Dâmboviţa , a place where the 4th dimension is already manifest.
In the 4th dimension will live in communities where peace and love will reign. 
One love is a start like this, you try to get to know people with the same ideas and thoughts about what life really mean life, nature is with us and teaches us how we can make this transition from the 3rd dimension to the to 4.

The fourth dimension is our cosmic “scratch pad” for learning to be co-creators with God. The Universe gave us an entire dimension in which to try out our ability to create. We were given a mind and imagination as tools for the creative process. And that’s not all folks! We were also given a series of realms, or sub-planes in which to place our creations.

Love ! 

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